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I have been away from my wife and my girlfriend for the past 1 month. That’s right, I have both a wife who is my age, I am 28 years old and a girlfriend who is around 6 years younger to me and they both live in the same city and it is totally not weird.

The only thing is that me being away for the past one month on work has deprived me of any kind of sex whatsoever. I couldn’t even visit a local massage parlor as I have been swamped with work and basically end up sleeping after working my ass off every day. So when the weekend arrived I decided to make the most of it by having some adult sex chat on skype with my wife and if we did not extend our virtual make out to a marathon session, I would then have some skyping hot sex with my girlfriend. It was all meticulously planned and I had arranged for everything at my hotel room so I don’t need to step out for the whole day if possible. Food-check, lube-check, alcohol-check and so it was time to ping my wife, but before I could ping her I could see her call coming in. Soon I saw my pretty wife appear on screen, she is wearing a bathrobe that is untied and from the looks of it with nothing underneath.

My skype sex talk

I could see her ample bosom and flat stomach flashing out from beneath the bathrobe. She was standing up and leaning into the camera and I could now see every bit of her. She saw me drooling and smiled.
My wife Jessica and I have been together for the past 11 years and are still going strong. To say she is sexy will be an understatement, she has a fantastic body with curves at all the right places and a brilliant mind. All through out our marriage we have been very open about our physical needs and expectations from each other. We have engaged in threesomes together that would put any playboy story to shame. Watching her beautiful body and full breasts from afar was in parts hot and in parts excruciating torture. “I want to roleplay,” I heard Jessica’s soft voice purr over the headset. “What do you have in mind?” I could feel my body agreeing with her suggestion before I could say yes. “I thought I could be your boss, you know?” Despite our adventurous sexual nature, we had never done role play and I agreed with her that it was about time. “Sure, let’s do it,” I said. Her gaze suddenly turned cold, I knew she was play acting but that is only because I knew her. To a stranger she would just look cold.

“I have seen your application for a promotion Robert,” her voice was measured and distant. “She would make a good boss” I thought to myself. “But your performance has not been satisfactory for the last two quarters.”

“Please I will do anything, I need that promotion, I have a wife and kids.”
“If I give you the promotion, then you will have to do something for me.”

“What?” I wailed eagerly, my body was taught, blood gushing to my cheeks and everywhere else.
“You must promise that you will do what I tell you to do. Do you promise?” Jessica raised her voice for effect.

“Yes, tell me what do you want?”

“Stand up.” I stood up obediently.

“Now take off your pants.”

I unbuttoned my jeans and let it fall on the floor. I stood naked in front of the laptop letting her see me, I was aroused and Jessica could see that clearly. In fact she was staring at it, unblinking for a long time.

“What now?”

“Shut up!” She barked the order at me.

“Can I get my promotion now?” I asked with a tinge of smile. I was finding it very hard to remain serious but definitely did not want to ruin it and tried putting on my most serious face. Jessica making sure I was watching took off her bathrobe. Her milk white skin came out in the open, she took a lotion of some kind that I had not seen before and rubbed it on herself. Her hands gliding over her chest, her eyes fixed on my body.

“I want you to touch get an orgasm for me, then you will get your promotion.”

I was sure I could do that to get promoted by this wicked hot woman. I started working on myself and she helped me along by showing me all of her body. She was touching herself and I could see her eyes close momentarily with pleasure. I started applying myself vigorously and closed my eyes as a feeling of intense pleasure swept through me. Then I opened my eyes and felt a strong jolt akin to a shock, Jessica was not alone, there was another woman standing next to her, touching my wife’s naked body and it was Clara, my girlfriend and my office secretary.

I was screwed over, literally.